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    Are you afraid of an accident?
    Are you afraid of getting lost?
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Your GPS location finder.

Useful app shouldn`t be missed in any android mobile equipped with GPS.
SOS SMS sender.

Mobile application for android mobile

Placestor belongs to the useful apps. It shouldn`t be missed in any android mobile equipped with GPS.

It save your life - App for survival

The main purpose of Placestor is „send my location“ in a text message as GPS coordinates. If you have an accident, Placestor will help the rescue (emergency) team to find your location and save your life. Trust me, you will be really glad you can send your GPS coordinates without any big effort.

Easy to use GPS coordinates

Thanks to its easy use, it is user friendly for anyone – younger and also older generation. It will help you when you need it most.
GPS location finder 1.

Just ask yourself

if I had an accident and I would be injured, would I be able to explain the rescue team where is my location and where they should look for me? Where they can find me? I wish noone would ever need it but you can be prepared. (see Tutorials).

GPS location finder - your android mobile phone

Placestor can change your android mobile into fully functioned GPS location finder. It also includes the function that calculates the distance between two places. Between the actual location and the location saved in the list.

Version Pro and Free

PRO version does not contain advestising.
GPS location finder 2.

Explain why it's best

SOS Morse code in the past. SOS SMS now. 'Save Our Soul' as easily as possible. Do not wait until they start looking for you. Take the first step to save your own life. If you have an accident, Placestor will help to save your life. In such situation, a person is stressed out and under huge physical and mental pressure. Focusing on any activity is very difficult. You want to call for help as soon as possible using the easiest way.

  • Simple possibilities.
  • Everything is simply orgainized for user.
  • Intuitive user control.
  • The easiest way to send location in short text message as GPS coordinates.
  • Ready to use immediately.

Why I created a Placestor ?

I created a Placestor due to a very serious experience in my life. So, what has really happened?

I had to drive a lot to the remote locations where you hardly found any residence area. I was driving home when suddenly a deer ran into my car and it caused a bad car crash. I couldn’t move, my chest and neck were also injured. I tried to call an ambulance or any help. Mobile phone was ok but the operator reception was really poor. I managed to make a call but it was interrupting all the time. So I decided to send a short text message, thinking it would be ok. So it was. Due to a bad reception there was also a problem with localizing my position.

After recovering in a hospital I decided to invent an application which would be helpful in a situations like happened to me or helpful in any similar situation. I created a Placestor that does the neccessary when needed. If I had had it with me at the time of the accident I would have avoided huge physical pain as well as health complications. If it was up to me, I would have set this application as a mandatory standard mobile equipment as you never know when it can safe your life.

I wish noone would ever need to use it, but, to be on a safe side, rather to have it than it might be late...as you never know...

Based on a true story

GPS location finder 3.
GPS location finder 4.


What is news?

  • 01.02.2016 - Application published and given to sale
  • 01.03.2016 - Send SMS actual position if not selected item from the list
  • 24.04.2016 - Add tutorial - How to use Placestor - Critical situation
  • 09.06.2016 - Add tutorial - How to use Placestor - Configure
  • 10.06.2016 - Add tutorial - How to use Placestor - Calculate distance between two places
  • 09.08.2016 - Update 1.0.6. - Optimization user interface
  • 22.12.2016 - Update 1.0.8. - Fully functioned Free version

Why to use Placestor?

How to use Placestor in critical situation?

How to use Placestor - Configuration?

How to use Placestor - Calculate distance between two places?

How to use Placestor - Saving a position?

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