• Protect file
    Protect your Files.
    Private photos, videos, audios,
    pictures, doc, ppt,xls, pdf,
    and other files,...

Your Protect file.

Useful app shouldn`t be missed in any android mobile.

Mobile application for android mobile

Protect file belongs to the useful apps. It shouldn`t be missed in any android mobile.

Easy to use

Thanks to its easy use, it is user friendly for anyone – younger and also older generation. It will help you when you need it most.

Useful app

Protect File is a useful application to protect your files of all types. To protect a file use crypt algorithm using a password. App is optimized for fast using. No commercials, no decorations, pictures, voice, video, just direct and useful application.

Sharing protect data

Sharing is easy to use. You don´t have to create any account, thus no information shall be lost. Either you possess the information or the one who you send it to. You only need – email.

Explain why it's best

  • Well - arranged orientation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Intuitive user control.
  • Very fast use.
  • Supports cell-phones and tablets.

How to use (steps):

  • 1. Turn the app on.
  • 2. Select the file.
  • 3. Crypt the file.
  • 4. Send the file (email).
  • 5. Turn the app off.


What is news?

  • 01.09.2017 - Application published and given to sale. (Amazon)
  • 01.09.2017 - Application published and given to sale. (GooglePlay)

How to use Protect file

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